What is confidence?: definition

What is Confidence?

The martial arts attract students by offering confidence and security.

Rather than being a preference, this desire to start training is a matter of survival and instinct. Please refer to my post, “What is Martial Arts?”

As a lifelong Taekwondo instructor, I have consistently analyzed the following questions:
“What is confidence?”
“What is the exact definition of confidence?”
“How to gain confidence?”
“What is different between confidence and self-confidence?”
“Why do people want it or need it?”
“How to measure confidence?”

I need to teach my students, therefore I myself need to know how to direct this process.

Can you imagine how much research I have done, how many sites I have explored to get the right information, how many books I have bought on this topic alone? Confidence demands much attention and I have worked on this topic for more than 30 years.

Now, I can clearly answer all the questions!

Definition of confidence: Certainty of the future event formed in one’s mind. Please refer to my post “Confidence: Insight into Reality” where I have made this clear. Confidence is not tricky things anymore! You don’t have to force yourself to believe something you can’t convince. It is not just how you feel which will changed in a minute! It is all logical and supported by scientific methods.

The following topics will be posted soon:

Why do people want confidence?
How to gain confidence?
How to measure confidence?

Ⓒ 2014 Jeeho Lee, Human EngineerⓇ