Ready… Fire… Aim!

With a gun, no one would do it.

In fact, if we did that in any area of our lives, we’d be in big trouble.

But that’s exactly what we do.

Talk….then think.

Commit… then consider the consequences.

Rush in… then wonder how to get the job done.

Some of you know that I’ve been renovating my studio: new wall, new shelves, new paint. I’ve only been working at it for a little over a week. But I’ve been planning it for months. I took measurements, interviewed contractors, and priced materials. Most importantly, I planned the work so that I could still conduct classes in the afternoons and evenings. Because I was moving a wall, I had to really think through the process.

If I hadn’t planned it thoroughly, my students might be tripping over drywall. Or worse, I would have had to close until the work was complete.

But too often, we start the work, then make our plans.

Ready… fire… aim.

Is that you? When I asked my class this afternoon if they had ever done that, nearly everyone raised their hands.

I raised both of mine. I’ve been just as guilty.

Does anyone know how to live their life first, then begin to live life? Does anyone have a thoughtful plan before they rush ahead?

What about you? Do you need to step back and check your aim? What is meaning of my life? How, then, should I live life?