Getting Excellent School Grades

Getting Excellent School Grade

 Watch your child’s grades (and even your own workplace success) improve dramatically!

If an employer put an employee on the job without training them to do the job first, what would you say about that?

You may say it is

1. Crazy
2. Insane
3. Stupid, and so on.

But be careful and kind, because you could be saying this about yourself.  Why?
Learning is a big job! Right?
Than ask yourself, how many of our children (or yourself as an adult) actually learn how to learn before being sent to school to do their job?
Very seldom. This is the most crazy thing I have ever heard.

That is why Master JH Lee (Human EngineerⓇ) teaches students how to learn first, so they can do their job effectively and efficiently. (Please, refer the video – Learn How to Learn).

Because of this, all of Joonbi students experience great success!


“If little labor, little is our gain; Man’s fortunes are according to his pains.” – Unknown.

This is not correct, only half true. (Please refer to video blog – Misunderstanding of practice). Labor alone will not produce gains unless properly and intelligently directed. A student may work hard and earnestly in school and yet accomplish little or nothing. Even worse they will develop bad habits, what a waste!

That is why Master Lee (Human EngineerⓇ), will make his students see-not only study hard, but how to study, and also how to study effectively. That is Learn How to Learn.

This is one of most important life skills, yet. It is so eccentric that most students do not learn it, and little effort is made to teach it by parents, teachers, and education department.
This is one of the problems of the current education system. Students have only learned how to do certain routine things in a mechanical way. They have learned by routine, not by the thinking. (Please, refer blog post – “Art of Thinking”). That is why they do not have skills for “Problem solving”. My students will learn this important life skill in first week. Witness with your own eyes!

By Jeeho Lee, Human EngineerⓇ, Ⓒ Copyright 2014