Free Taekwondo Class

Free Taekwondo Class
At Master Lee’s Joonbi Taekwondo

Free Taekwondo Class! How well your child will do here is not only important to you, but to us as well. That is why you should want to try this class. You can evaluate and decide on your own.

It does not a matter which program you want to choose because Taekwondo activities are the backbone of every program. (After School Program, Summer Camp, Birthday Party, Day Camp)

Are you interested in experiencing firsthand a Taekwondo class at Joonbi without making a long term commitment? Come in for a free introductory class at Master Lee’s Joonbi Taekwondo. No experience is necessary; classes are available for children ages 3 and older, teens, and adults.

Teaching is an art, and in a trial class with Master Lee, you will see the quality level of instruction and care that he devotes to each student. At Joonbi, you learn true Martial Arts. Your training will expose you to stimulating ideas about learning.

There is NO fee or obligation associated with the trial class. You have nothing to lose, but so much to gain! Explore our “Benefits of Training at Joonbi” page to see how Master Lee’s Joonbi Taekwondo will exceed your expectations.

We know you have high expectations for your or your child’s martial arts experience. At Master Lee’s Joonbi Taekwondo, we recognize what people want from the Arts and then go beyond that to offer the highest quality experience. You will experience more than ever expected! The following pages describe in detail each of the primary advantages offered by training with us, though there are numerous other benefits that you may see (because Master Lee is the “Human EngineerⓇ”).

Proven Benefits:

1. Getting excellent school grades
2. Art of thinking – Learn “What is Thinking” and what to do with it?
3. Discipline
4. Confidence
5. Attention, Focus (ADD/ADHD)
6. Leadership Qualities (becoming leader rather than follower)
7. Recreational healing
8. #1 Principle of life
9. Meaning of life
10. Working with current educational problems at Joonbi

a. Education system has failed! Why?
b. “Schooling” verse “Educating”
c. Learn how to learn

For further understanding, read our testimonial page and try a free introductory class today! Call Master Lee today to set up your complimentary Taekwondo class: (757) 430-4443.

Please fill out the form below, we will send you a scheduling invitation for you to choose a day over the next two weeks.