So why doesn't everyone have confidence?

Confidence is important personal qualities that everyone wants and needs. Do we understand this concept well enough?

In this article, my intention is to make this page starting place to explore the concept of it. With the following sub-article I would like to answer to those listed questions.

Why doesn’t everyone have enough confidence? I have asked this question for many years, having been a martial arts instructor for most of my life. How many people have expressed that they want to gain more confidence for themselves and for their kids? That number is uncountable. So I need to know what it is and how to instill it into every Taekwondo student. That is not a simple task. Yet, I can’t lie to myself that I do know well enough on this concept, producing the result consistently and systematically.

I have searched and asked around, “What is confidence?”, “How can someone gain more of it?” No one gave me a clear and straightforward answer. Not even Google! Of course, I can get a generalized answer like “believe in yourself.” but that kind of answer doesn’t give me any solution.

That is why I have been asking the following questions for decades:

  • What is confidence? – Define it.
  • Why do we want it? – What is its purpose?
  • How to gain more of it? – What is the method?
  • How does one measure confidence? – Without knowing how to measure it, we can’t control it.

Here are a few generalized notions commonly misunderstand:

“Successful experience will boost confidence.”     Therefore, if a student becomes a black belt, they think they will gain a lot of confidence. The problem is, “what percentage of students will attain the black belt level?” A very small percentage. That isn’t good news! Everyone has to have confidence first to be successful.

“If you give a lot of compliments, then children will gain confidence.”    Generally speaking, not really. Because false compliments promote a flaky personality, not sound confident. In many cases, it can be addictive, and children will look for approval without good performance.

My base starting point is:

It is a human resource development matter which has no boundary. Anyone can have as much as they want if we can figure out, “what it is.”

If the definition of a word is unclear, everyone will wander astray.

If a concept is not formed in one’s mind, it can’t be a reality.

In order to have a clear concept of confidence, we must have a better understanding of what it means to be a human or have a reasonable answer for the question – “What is manhood?”
Without a clear definition, the only option left is guesswork. It is certainly not an easy task, but it is worthwhile enough to invest my whole life in the pursuit of answers. As result, I became the “Human Engineer” in 2012.

It is the first step of a thousand-mile journey!

Please join with me in this exciting expedition.

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