Benefits: Life Skills

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What do you gain

from training

with the Human EngineerⓇ?


You will learn how to become a whole person and a competent leader.

Master Lee teaches insight and numerous life skills:

1. Learn How to Learn  (video blog) – Please refer “Getting Excellent School Grades” post
2. Discipline

a. Role of “Omission” – How this relate with discipline
b. What is discipline?
c. How to do it?

3. Confidence
4. Attention
5. Art of Thinking
6. Goal setting skills
7. Leadership Qualities
8. Principle of life #1
9. Meaning of life
10. Misunderstanding of practice – Video blog or Text blog
11. What is “good” and how to be good?
12. Working with current educational problems at Joonbi

a. Education system has failed! Why?
b. “Schooling” verse “Educating”
c. Learn how to learn

13. Mistake management